Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Date Warp

($20 - Free Demo - From Hanako Games)

Five day ago Janet went missing. She left her dorm for a simple first date and…no one has heard from her since. What happened to her? Your choices will effect the outcome in this mystery/sci-fi otome game.

After finally finishing this game, all I can say is 'whoa'. I say 'finally' because there are a total of ten endings that you must get before the eleventh and final ending - the 'true' ending, if you want to call it that - gets unlocked.

Each ending will build a little on the mystery and give you indications as to what the solution actually is. But I would be very surprised if anyone figured it out before Janet did. Looking back, yeah, it all makes sense, but that's not the direction my mind was going in for a solution.

As for the characters… I really liked the cast as a whole. Janet was a really cool heroine. She's not the strongest, but she's intelligent and emotionally strong - two things that I actually value a lot over physical strength.

The guys were all likable and, even if you didn't have to play through each ending to get the final ending, it would be worthwhile to play through all the paths and get all the endings just for the character development and more information on the people. It is strange but on one of the other guys paths, I got a lot of information about one of my favorite guys - and that just made me like him more.

I will say that, even the guys I didn't think I'd end up liking before playing through their path, I really wound up liking the guys. Pretty much all of them. Nathaniel was my least favorite. He was just too perfect. Honestly, Raphael was really, really close to that 'too perfect' line himself - but he was just too much of a sweetheart for me to not like him.

My favorite guy was Alben followed very, very closely by Linds. And, though I thought I wouldn't like him, Bradley was easily my third favorite.

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