Monday, August 25, 2014


($14.99 - Per Character - Free Demo - from Winter Wolves)

In this game you play as either Max or Anne (purchased separately) as they take on their first year in college. Sharing dorm life with four other tenants, you must make sure they still make time for their studies and all those fun extra-curricular activities. And, maybe, even have a little time for romance.

To the best of my knowledge, this is WW's first foray into the comedic side of romance. And, really, this game was a lot of fun. For the most part. I did, however, have a few issues. First though, the good things.

I loved the characters. Almost universally, I thought they were all awesome. In fact, there was only one that I didn't much care for - and that was really from more of a romance based perspective, because she'd probably be an awesome friend.

I also really like the stat raising format for this game. You don't choose one even for the whole week - but schedule a full week, with three events for each day, at a time. This screen shot will give you an idea. I thought that was really great and I loved how the characters all lived together and were (somewhat unwilling as the case may be) friends.

However, I didn't like the way you get 'events' for several people at once. It's really difficult to explain, but say you're romancing Person E - unless you choose to skip all events without them, you're going to get too much information about Person G when you're not romancing them. Basically, there is no character/story arc that you can only see if you romance the character. If you go through the game watching all the events, the only new information you'll see is the Winter Break and the Spring Break scenes. Plus a couple of dates that play out very much the same no matter who you're dating.

Now this is just personal preference, but I much prefer games that give you more information about the character you are actually dating as opposed to those you might just be only friends with.

Also, with this game, you see right away if the character you're romancing likes the choice you made or not while in one of the events. This lead me to quit roleplaying (as I much prefer to do which is why I like VN's more) and start making the choices that I knew the character would like. I don't know if there's a way tis could be changed, but this was the first time I felt this displeased with this setup while playing a Winter Wolves game.

Final note: The humor in this game was merely okay for me. While there was a few funny instances, most of it fit quite well in the realm of sitcoms, which I've never found very amusing.

Now, although this wasn't my cup of tea - as they say - this is Winter Wolves most popular dating sim and one of their most popular game, period.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Memoirs of an Angel

(Free - 2010 version)

After the death of the mighty Emperor Osirus, the nation of Tyraca is in turmoil. The former 'princess', a young angel that acted as second in command for the Emperor, must make a choice. Will she stay in the palace, fighting against the new ruler - Osirus' younger brother, Nefferon - from inside, or will she leave to start a revolution?

Honestly, this game had a lot of potential - unfortunately, mostly failed potential. That is the major reason that I am so looking forward to the remake of this game. Anyhow, the storyline sounded good, but a lot of things were not explained very well.

The characters were all interesting enough, but each romance started to feel very forced at the end. And rather stereotypical. To be honest with you, I fond myself the most interested in the path with the so called 'villain' because his path was, at least, interesting and somewhat emotional. The others felt short and a bit nonsensical at times.

The story was rather short, itself. I liked the idea behind it, but the actual writing needed to be fleshed out a lot.

I really look forward to the remake as I think it will be amazing.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Serafina's Saga


Serafina has grown up in the jungle, never traveling to visit towns or cities. However, when her father is taken from her, she sets out on a rescue mission to the capital city. What follows is adventure, romance and the truth about Serafina's heritage.

(Okay, I'll admit, that summary of mine is rubbish. However, this game is way too awesome for me to do any justice to it in a mere spoiler-free paragraph.)

Honestly, everything about this game was so awesome. (Rather, is so awesome, it's just been awhile since I played it and now, writing this review, I want to replay it.)  The bulk of the story is based around Serafina and her travel to the city and the events that transpire after she arrives. As well as her investigating her and her father's past. I want to clear that up right now because, while there is romance in the game, it takes something of a backseat (though it was certainly there and rather...appealing at times) to the character of Serafina. Which is something a really liked.

And although I didn't think I'd like that art style, once I was fully immersed in the story, it would have felt odd to have any other art style. The secondary characters were all interesting. I won't say I actually liked many of them upon first meeting - as most of them I didn't - but once you actually got to know them a little better...Well, even if they weren't likable, they were at least sympathetic or interesting.

The story was one more of discovery and friendship/filial love than romantic love. The characters were all developed before romance started coming into effect - even if there was some early attraction amongst the characters as early as their first meeting. The romances themselves all had a different feel - as benefits romance with vastly different people. I certainly had favorite characters (and Serafina was one of my favorites) but of the guys, Rueben stole my heart rather early on. I also, could tell you the order of my favorites with the other characters - that's how amazing these characters were - but I shall spare you that.

This is one game that I recommend very highly.

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Check the date. In August of 2014, the creator is supposed to release her second VN - Quantum of Conscience!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pyrite Heart


This is the story of Princess Ahri who, after agreeing to a bet with her brother, takes herself off to public school. Unable to curb her competitive tendencies, Ahri immediately sets her sights on taking down the student body president.

It's games like these that spoil me. While it is rather short, the characters were all so likable and just take a look at that gorgeous artwork.

Okay, first of all, Ahri is a great leading lady. The wonderful thing about her is that she is so imperfect. She's loud and competitive and driven and - sometimes - a bit of a bitch. I've heard people complain a lot about her, saying that they really didn't like her, but it was all those things that made her an amazing character for me to play as. She's so different than the usually meek girls that are usually the leads in these kind of games. But anyway, it's because of her first and foremost that I enjoyed this game so much.

The guys (two love interests) were very much of a type. One was the 'perfect' rival and the other was the humorous friend servant. I did have a favorite, but I really liked both the guys so much. I think part of the reason for that was because of how well they played off Ahri

The story is kind of short, but considering that it's a free game (and there are only two romance-able guys) that's rather expected.

If you're interested, the artists for this game are working on another - longer and commercial - game. More information here.

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