Monday, August 18, 2014

Memoirs of an Angel

(Free - 2010 version)

After the death of the mighty Emperor Osirus, the nation of Tyraca is in turmoil. The former 'princess', a young angel that acted as second in command for the Emperor, must make a choice. Will she stay in the palace, fighting against the new ruler - Osirus' younger brother, Nefferon - from inside, or will she leave to start a revolution?

Honestly, this game had a lot of potential - unfortunately, mostly failed potential. That is the major reason that I am so looking forward to the remake of this game. Anyhow, the storyline sounded good, but a lot of things were not explained very well.

The characters were all interesting enough, but each romance started to feel very forced at the end. And rather stereotypical. To be honest with you, I fond myself the most interested in the path with the so called 'villain' because his path was, at least, interesting and somewhat emotional. The others felt short and a bit nonsensical at times.

The story was rather short, itself. I liked the idea behind it, but the actual writing needed to be fleshed out a lot.

I really look forward to the remake as I think it will be amazing.

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