Monday, September 29, 2014

Boku No Shokora

(Free - English Patched Japanese)

"I will exchange your younger brother back to you in return for your homemade chocolate." With these words, Komachi finds herself forced into a meeting with Takaomi, all in an attempt to rescue her kidnapped little brother.

Honestly, I had been trying to download and play this game for a long time. It took forever for me to understand what I had to do to get the game to work and I ultimately realized something after finishing all the endings to this game: it wasn't worth it.

While this was originally a free Japanese game, it was translated into English and patched, but you can still see strong Japanese sensibilities, especially with how big of a deal Valentines Day chocolate is. I didn't mind that, really. No, where my problems came in were the two characters.

Komachi was a total tsundere, always over-reacting and punching Takaomi for the littlest thing. First of all, I hate violent tsundere characters, when the girl beats up the guy over every little thing, including things that are her own fault, I immediately take a strong dislike of her. Takaomi, really didn't fair much better for me. He has no idea of any social conventions. While that could be entertaining and possibly endearing, he didn't even understand basic things that a ten year old would (and probably plenty of kinds younger than that) and he kept being needlessly oblivious.

The romance of the game was pretty much none existent - even on the 'couple end'. Or maybe, I was just left so cold because of their personalities that I didn't care at all about the romance by that point. As extra fun, you have to complete certain ends before you can unlock the others. For example, on my first playthrough, I unlocked ending number one. Even if I had changed certain answers, I still could not have gotten the fourth ending on that playthrough.

Anyway, the game is short and, if you either like or can ignore violent tsunderes, a somewhat enjoyable to pass an hour or two

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