Monday, September 22, 2014

My Teacher


You are a very talented teacher, nationally famous for your work. One day, you receive a phone call from a very powerful businessman, requesting your immediate aid. Because of the importance of the client, you rush to meet him personally in his office in the city. He then introduces you to his 4 EXTREMELY handsome sons (each having a different mother) and says, "One of these boys will be the next CEO of this company, but none of them are ready. They all still act like children. I ask that you train one of them with the best of your ability to become a mature adult, ready for my position." Problem is, you only get 3 days to do this. Are you ready to take on your greatest challenge yet?

First of all, I gotta admit that I love the idea behind this game. I was really taken with the idea and I liked how each of the guys had a pretty obvious problem and it was just left to you to figure out how best to help him become the man to take over his father's company.

The art was nice and I loved the choices you got to make.

However, the writing was kind of awful. Not to say that there were a lot of mistakes, because I honestly don't remember many, but the writing was almost identical on each path. The guys all talked the same, had the same questions and the same fears about taking over the company.

There were only two differences in each playthough. The first was what was talked about during their 'quite time' together at the end of the first day (I believe) and the other was exactly what problems the guys had to overcome. Otherwise, the writing was practically copy/paste from each path.

I thought this was a real shame because, while the guys were mostly good looking, I'm the sort of girl that much prefers diverse personalities over diverse looks. On that count, this game wasn't very good. It was a fairly fun and simply way to while away a lazy Saturday.

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